About Us

Supporting a Wide Range of Aircraft System and Equipment Certifications

TD Aerospace, LLC. is a professional aircraft electrical engineering and FAA Consultant DER services company specializing in the FAA approval of 14 CFR Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft, aircraft components and aircraft systems. 

Experience and Teamwork

TD Aerospace experience is built on the success of multiple certification programs, applying industry best practices with leading aerospace and defense providers, and lessons learned. TD Aerospace can provide certification managers and is partnered with some of the leading Consultant FAA DERs from multiple disciplines as well as companies to provide a complete solution for our customers.

Capabilities of our partners include:

  • FAA DERs System and Equipment Electrical & Mechanical, Powerplant, Structures, Flight Analyst, Flight Test Pilot, RS-DER, and Management.
  • Aircraft Modifications and Repair
  • Flight Test with Instrumentation
  • Flammability and Interior Compliance
  • Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical design

FAA Certification Support

TD Aerospace Electrical Systems & Equipment DER personnel have extensive experience with every kind of electrical and avionics system imaginable ranging from complex fully integrated glass cockpits to passenger entertainment systems and everything in between. Our capabilities include:

  • Major Alterations
  • Test Plans and Reports
  • Design Approvals
  • Compliance Reports
  • FAA Test Witnessing/Conducting
  • Equipment Qualification Testing
  • Electrical Loads 
  • Thermal Analyses
  • Instructions For Continued Airworthiness

Continually working to expand internally capabilities, our staff is active in projects which will support delegation expansion in the following areas

  • HIRF and Lightning Protection
  • EWIS
  • 14 CFR Part 27 and 29 Rotorcraft


TD Aerospace, LLC.

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